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med people

Many communities and good people have joined together for the important idea of ​​establishing marine nature reserves in the Mediterranean. The greatest of them all, Liat Zvi, recruited and grouped the most important irons: the Society for the Protection of Nature, Zalul, Eco-Ocean and Mahmali. And now communities from Ashdod, Achziv, Rosh HaCarmel, Yam Hasharon and more and more that they care about, including surfers, sailors, fishermen And especially citizens who love the sea and nature who care, all demand a change of policy from the government and the authorities. So what do we have left to do? Call them by name, create a logo, language, website and tools to run the move. Proud to present “Mediterranean People.” Believe in the course, in the way and in the people who lead it – wholeheartedly.