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IBI Investment House is one of the oldest in the country. This is a family institution, stable and orderly, over 40 years old. As part of their belief in the way "if something works - do not fix it", it turns out that they have been keeping the old logo, for many years.
In addition, there was no uniform brand or creative language in which the house spoke and there was no design line.
As part of the transfer of the apostles' staff from the founders' generation to the boys' generation, they also understood and accepted the need to rebrand the investment house, on its subsidiaries.
The hard part was maintaining the same design environment of the old rhombus, with a combination of the same family of colors.
In addition, we were looking for a conceptual line that would allow speaking in a uniform creative and design language that would serve IBI well and over time.
And so we created the "long distance runners".
We went out for a day of field photography. We have recruited a professional long-distance runner who will express all the values ​​we have decided on.
The logo received, under a similar shape to the previous one, a new and contemporary color and font.
Next, we also created for the subsidiaries new paperwork, a line for folders, leaflets, new clothing for the website and everything that is required on a regular basis and can be easily maintained, under the new platform.