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The world's leading telemedicine company is developing advanced equipment for remote medical monitoring and saving lives.
Tens of thousands of Shahal subscribers are equipped with advanced telemedicine equipment, which makes the diagnosis from home simple and friendly, as well as fast, efficient and saves lives.
The technological means currently available to the telemedicine, as well as the quality manpower, enable the medical staff to continuously monitor the subscriber's condition, in Israel or in the world.
We did not create the beautiful creative language of Shahal. When we started working together, in January 2011, Shachal already boasted the new branding.
From then until today we create for them, in regular daily work everything that can help to express in a more beautiful and clear way their reality.
In front of Shahal's marketing department, we regularly prepare and improve all the products: the website, page, Facebook, newsletters, newsletters, ads, exhibitions, new products and everything that is required.
Here are some of them, for your reference. From the heart.